The Battle of Culloden

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Culloden Battlefield is where Bonnie Prince Charlie's Jacobite army were defeated by the British Government troops in April 1746 and it was the last battle fought on British soil. The exhibition here tells the story of how the Jacobite army formed and the timeline leading up to that last battle. There is a very powerful video that is shown on 4 sides of a room to give you the feeling that you are there on the battlefield on that day, it's not one for the faint hearted but is well worth watching. There have been numerous weapons, bullets and armoury that have been found all over the battlefield over many many years and these are on show in the exhibition. There are also some artefacts belonging to some of the of soldiers and also Bonnie Prince Charlie. 

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 Outside you can follow the paths across the battlefield, both on the Jacobite side and the Government Troops side and you can really feel how atmospheric it is. Although the battlefield isn’t quite the boggy moor that it was back in 1746, you can still get a good insight into why the Jacobite's stood very little chance from where they were standing versus the Government Troops. 

Near the Memorial Cairn is the graveyard to the Clans. Here you will find the stone markers with the Clan names engraved. Further along the path you will find the Field of The English, where Government Troops were buried. You will see a small thatched cottage, Leanach Cottage, which is thought to have been a field hospital during the battle. 

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Visiting Culloden Battlefield may leave you with goose bumps but with the history and meaning of the place, its one that everybody should visit.

Also nearby, there are some trails through Culloden Woods. Again these woods hold some history as many of the Jacobite's fled through here and you will find the Prisoners Stone. It's name says enough but I won't say no more as it will be nice for you to explore and find out more yourselves!

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