Heading out of Grantown On Spey, along the A939 will take you out to the beautiful Dava Moor. After driving along for about 6 miles, then turning left down a narrow road, will take you to a freshwater loch called LochindorbThis loch is a great fishing area, a few years ago Pike had been seen in the loch!It’s a great area for birdwatching too, it’s so peaceful and quiet that you can hear the Birds of Prey calling as they glide through the skies and even hear the Grouse as they hide in the heather across the moor.

lochindorb castle

On a small man-made island in the middle of the loch stands the ruins of Lochindorb Castle, a former stronghold of the Clan Comyn. The name Lochindorb comes from the Gaelic meaning ‘Loch of Trouble’ and if you look into the history of this castle, it has certainly had its fair share of that!The castle has also been called ‘The Wolfs Lair’ too

The only way to reach the castle is by boat but you can drive all the way round Lochindorb and get some lovely photos of the Castle and the views across the wild moor. 

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