Highland Folk Museum


The Highland Folk MuseumNewtonmore is a great place to visit for all ages. There is a lot to see and activities for children to enjoy. Seeing how people lived in Scotland from the 1700’s to the present day is fascinatingThe staff dress up and perform as Highlanders to give demonstrations of Highland life activities, guiding you through some of the old buildings like the old School House and even the lovely Sweet shop too!Visitors of all ages will have fun and enjoy the nostalgic experience or even just a walk throughout the site spotting wildlife and enjoying the views.

 If you are an Outlander fan then this place is a must as the Township was used in Season 1 for the episode Rent. You can walk amongst the various crofts, taking a look inside and seeing how people lived back in the day, taking in all of the smells and living conditions. Walking round outside you can imagine the Outlander film crew and actors you’ve come to love, being there, picturing the scenes from the series.


The museum is set over a large area so there is lots of walking to do but so much great information and history to take in.Set aside a good couple of hours for a visit here to really enjoy it and there’s always time for a cuppa too!