Ruthven Barracks




Standing high and proud at the head of the Spey Valley near Kingussie, isthe Ruthven BarracksOne of four barracks built in 1719, it is situated on the site of medieval Castles belonging to the Comyns and Gordons.The barracks wereused to police the Highlands but sadly destroyed by the Jacobitesfollowing their retreat after the Battle of Culloden in 1746. Large parts of it still remain today and it is protected by Historic Environment Scotland.

The barracks are accessible to have a walk round, imagining what it would have been like back in its day, including the stables area too. The views across the Spey Valley are beautiful and whilst here, you can enjoy some wildlife spotting too. Ruthven is also situated in the RSPB Insh Marshes, said to be one of most important wetlands in Europe

On a breezy day you can really feel the wind blowing and howling through the remains, adding some real atmosphere to the place. If there has been some heavy rainfall then the barracks could be surrounded by a moat! It’s well worth a visit to imagine how stunning this building once was and get a feel of it's importance in keeping the Highlands safe.