Jenny and Malcolm’s (aka mum and dad) 5 favourite things to do at the cottage?

SCottage view Cairngormso, what do us adults enjoy doing at the cottage you are starting to wonder?

Top of my list is sitting inside on the various window seats with either a glass of wine or a cuppa.  The upstairs hall is my favourite as you can watch the change of colours in the sky and on the hills. Quite often there are cows and or sheep in the fields in front which just adds to the magic.  Never are two sunsets or sunrises the same. Just magical.  For Malcolm, he enjoys sitting in front of the wood burner with a good book or magazine no matter the time of year.  Another favourite is to sit in the ‘sitooterie’ aka wee hut which has heating, lights and can sit 6-8 people. The sides can come off so in the summer you get a 360degree view around the garden.  In addition, on my list is hiring a hot tub as there are sockets in the ‘sitooterie’ suitable and the patio at the back door makes a great location. Finally, we love water fights in the summer and building snowmen and igloos in the winter. There are many things we enjoy, what about you?