Leisure Cyclists - a reminder of what to pack for visiting the cottage.

Deishar Woods The cottage is well equipped for all cyclists from secure storage, bike racks, hose, tools, Muc-Off cleaning supplies and drying facilities for those wet or dirty clothes. So what should you pack to bring particularly if you aren't familiar with cycling, so here is a checklist.  It is always useful to have I’m sure you will add to and it’s in no particular order ;-)

  1. Bikes
  2. Saddle pads (if required)
  3. Water bottles
  4. Ruck sack
  5. Puncture repair kit and or spare inner tube
  6. Lights
  7. Head torch (just in case)
  8. Chargers for any electronics such as Camera, phone or even your ebike!
  9. Helmet
  10. Hi viz jacket
  11. Map cases
  12. Relevant clothing and footwear including gloves
  13. Bike Pump
  14. Snacks!
  15. Padlock/chains for secure storage when away from site
  16. Basic tools

What have the Milne family missed off the list?