A kids favourite walks and cycle rides from the cottage - Lachlan Milne

The yard Boat of Garten on the Speyside Way


We all know what it’s like when the kids say they are ‘bored’ and you don’t know what to do with them as everything you suggest gets vetoed.  Well, here is some ammunition to help… Lachlan’s five favourite walks and cycles from the cottage.

  1. Head down to Boat of Garten and along Kinchrudy road which is part of the Speyside Way. On reaching ‘the yard’ turn right and head to Loch Va. This loch was made famous because the water magically vanished (and then reappeared!).A great place for a picnic, skimming stones or indeed watching the wildlife.  Plenty of route options for getting there and back.
  2. Like his Dad, he enjoys a cycle to Aviemore on the Speyside Way. During the warmer months this trip is regularly taken to visit the Café in Tiso’s, pick up some shopping and that visit to Tresspass!
  3. For those wishing a longer cycle, heading to Loch Insch where there is a sports centre and restaurant, is around 23km one way.This makes use of the new section of the Speyside Way after Aviemore as you head towards Kincraig.Not only can you stop at Dalraddy Caravan Park for a burger at Alvie Forest Food (https://www.facebook.com/alvieforestfood/) but you can have a bite to eat at the Loch, have a paddle in the water or just watch the world go by at the picnic tables. 
  4. For a shorter cycle/walk head to the ‘Yard’.This is on the Speyside Way beyond Boat of Garten heading to Aviemore.A wee cottage is called ‘the yard’ and there is a bump in the path that a 10yr old likes to use with his bike.  It’s about 6km from the cottage down to the yard. 
  5. Finally, Abernethy woods and Loch Garten.Instead of heading into the Boat of Garten, turn left after Milton Loch, towards Nethy and over the River Spey and the ‘Bridge’. (Great for playing poo sticks and a fabulous view of the Cairngorms). You are on the Speyside Way (SW) at this join but at the road T-junction, straight ahead are the Abernethy woods.The SW weaves around the side of the woods but there are plenty of tracks to explore and a pond for dragonflies.  On the far side of the woods is Loch Garten.  A fabulous place for a snack/picnic and playing on the smallest area of beach.

A bit of variety in these cycles/walks but all from the back door of the cottage.  The usual suggestions apply; plan your outings so make sure you bring the right shoes, rucksack and water bottles with you!