Mums (aka Jenny) top 5 walks/cycles or horse rides from the Cottage

River Spey walk

From the time we purchased the cottage 14years ago, exploring the area from the back door on horseback has always been part of any stay.  Most of the routes are horseback friendly but all are walkable but some are a bit more challenging and would suit mountain bikes.

  1. Right in front of the cottage are fields which lead down over the Steam Railway line to the river Spey.A walk along the river towards Grantown takes you by a fisherman’s hut and onwards towards Broomhill train station. In the opposite direction you can head back up passed a massive apple tree and pop out on the track behind the sawmill to Boat of Garten.We always see the deer, often sheep and of course great scenery.  Very relaxing and enjoyable.
  2. Heading out of the cottage and up the back rugged fields, nestledin the hill is an old trigonometry point hut.Owned by Seafield estate, as the years roll by so the vegetation grows but the views from the area are fantastic.  There are several routes to the hut, but all require some ‘nous’ and we can provide the details for you.
  3. A great walk, horse ride and thigh-burning cycle is to head up into Deishar woods and take one of the loops towards Carrbridge which brings you out at on the SUSTRANS route 7 track down through Chapelton, down passed Deshar school and into the village of Boat of Garten, then home.Obviously, the route can be done in the reverse but there is great variety in the surface of the tracks, fabulous smell of pine trees and plenty of wildlife to see.Never mind the view down the ‘Strath’.  This is a 10 km route. 
  4. The last two suggestions are similar to Lachlan’s and Malcolm’s in that Boat of Garten woods is a favourite.On the way down, a walk around Milton Loch where there is a badger hide and bird watchers hide is a must.Indeed, it could be a walk in itself. Boat of Garten woods has plenty of different trails to be followed, fairies to find and historical artifacts.  The community look after the woods and on the edge, you can find the community hall and playpark.  Keep an eye on the hall’s facebook page as there is lots on, never mind a big space to play with football or rugby ball.
  5. Last but by no means least, I love a walk down to the village for a glass of wine, something to eat and an amble home - something we don’t normally get to do. In fact, it doesn’t need to be for wine but simply a cuppa or to have a quick chat with Nash the owner of the bike shop, Ride Cairngorm which is right beside the Community Garden.(If you’re a Danny Macaskill fan, Nash often has a few pieces of merchandise available, never mind great service).